Who is Nicole Sanchez? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shows Off $2m Home, Tax The Rich, OK Boomer

Nicole Sanchez Bio/Wiki

After showing off Nicole Sanchez’s new $2 million flat, an influencer known for supporting democratic socialist principles has been called a hypocrite.

Nicole Sanchez, also known as “Neekolul,” became an internet phenomenon last year after posting a video on TikTok wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt and dancing to the song “Whatever you say, Boomer.” “All right, Boomer.”

Sanchez became famous in March 2020 after a TikTok video of her dancing in a blue Bernie Sanders jersey went viral, capturing the interest of Millennials and Gen Z. The 23-year-old, also known as Neekolul, is a Twitch streamer and content creator.

Since then, the former business and marketing major has amassed millions of social media followers who support her life updates, gaming endeavors, and cosplay.

The video for ‘OK Boomer’ was widely circulated across numerous social media sites. This was a few weeks before Sanders announced his withdrawal from the presidential race. Sanchez tweeted in April 2020 that her video “OK Boomer Girl” has acquired more than 50 million views.


She is 23 years old.

Shows Off $2m Home Full Details

Sanchez, 23, has well over a million followers on all of the major social media platforms and has endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-“tax Cortez’s the rich” t-shirt.

However, after uploading a video offering followers a “$2,000,000 Apartment Tour,” she is now being accused of bragging about her fortune. Her smart “Martha Stewart”-style kitchen (controlled via iPad), “East Wing” games area, master bedroom with “180 degree” views of the city skyline, and walk-in wardrobe, among other “fancy” features, are all included in the 10-minute film.

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However, viewers were underwhelmed with Sanchez’s new digs, with the video garnering nearly ten times the number of “dislikes” as “likes” on YouTube alone.

A critic on YouTube wrote, “The OK Boomer girl went from criticising Rich Boomers to becoming a Rich Boomer,”

Another said, “Imagine becoming the thing you were crying and pandering about. A rich stuck up boomer,”

Another critic said, “I can bet she will continue promoting Bernie and lefty politics,”

“She’s not gonna come out as some conservative/libertarian and embrace capitalism.”

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