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Greek Orthodox community member arrested as suspect in shooting of Fr

Greek Orthodox Community Member Arrested As Suspect In Shooting Of Fr

If you haven’t heard the news yet, let us update you with the latest about Nikolaos Kakavelakis, Greek Orthodox Priest. The religious community is shaken after the unfortunate shooting incident involving Father Kakavelakis. In this article, we’ll dive deep into who he is, what happened, and what future awaits him after the incident.

Who is Nikolaos Kakavelakis Greek Orthodox Priest?

Nikolaos Kakavelakis, Greek Orthodox Priest, was born in Crete, Greece, on July 2, 1978. Not much is known about his childhood and early life, but there are records that he studied Theology at the University of Athens before becoming a priest.

He moved to France in 2008 and became a priest within a Parisian church. Then, in 2017, he moved to Lyon, where he served as the Greek Orthodox community’s priest.

The Incident

The Greek Orthodox community was in shock and disarray when Father Nikolaos Kakavelakis was shot twice outside the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Lyon, France. The incident happened on the 31st of October 2020. Miraculously, Nikolao survived the attack and is still recuperating from his injuries.

The police immediately launched an investigation to determine the perpetrator of the shooting. A few days later, the suspect was arrested.

The Suspect

The arrest made headlines all over the world as the suspect was no other than a member of the Greek Orthodox community himself. A 40-year-old man, also of Greek origin, was the principal suspect in the shooting. The man has not made any confessions, and the motives for the attack are still unclear.

The aftermath of the shooting caused a shift in the community’s dynamic, wary of the possibility of internal conflicts within their religious group.

The Importance of Faith Community

Faith-based communities act as a support system for individuals who share the same beliefs. The members of the Greek Orthodox community in Lyon are a representation of a tight-knit group that helps its members during trying times. The attack on Father Kakavelakis not only affected him but also the members of the community who hold him dear.

These communities provide emotional and spiritual support to their members, and they are a representation of a family outside of the family a person is born into. They play an essential role in shaping one’s beliefs and shaping one’s understanding of the world around them. In the case of tragic incidents like this, the community is there to lend a helping hand, to listen, and to comfort.

The Future

As of writing, there has been no new update on Father Kakavelakis’ health and the investigation’s progress. The Greek Orthodox community is standing strong for their beloved priest and is hopeful that justice will be served.

These kinds of incidents may cause fear and paranoia within communities, but it should not deter anyone from continuing or starting to be a part of a faith-based community. These communities provide a sense of belonging and comfort to their members, and they deserve recognition for their roles in shaping society’s fabric.


The shooting of Nikolaos Kakavelakis, Greek Orthodox Priest, was a tragedy that caused distress in the community. It is important to remember that faith-based communities are foundations that hold believers and those who seek guidance through their beliefs. These communities play a vital role in shaping not only an individual’s life but the lives of others around them as well.


1. What was the motive for the attack on Father Kakavelakis?

As of writing, the motive for the attack on Father Kakavelakis is still unclear. The investigation is ongoing, and updates are still to be announced.

2. What happened to the suspect that was arrested?

The suspect in the shooting of Father Kakavelakis was arrested and is currently in custody. He has not made any confessions as of writing.

3. What can faith-based communities do to prevent incidents like this from happening again?

It is impossible to prevent unforeseen events from happening. However, faith-based communities should remain vigilant and supportive of one another. Religious teachings always promote love, understanding, and forgiveness. It is always best to remember these teachings and apply them in our daily lives and relationships regarding our communities.

4. Is it still safe to be a part of a faith-based community?

Yes. Being a part of a faith-based community provides a sense of belonging, comfort, and support. While unforeseen events may happen, it should not deter anyone from being a part of a religious community. These communities promote love, understanding, and forgiveness, and they can help guide individuals to live a better life.

5. Will Father Kakavelakis continue to serve as a Greek Orthodox Priest even after the shooting?

As of writing, there has been no update on Father Kakavelakis’ plan regarding his future as a priest. The focus now is on his recovery and the investigation regarding the shooting.

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