Who is Olivia Lois Ortz’s Husband Cody Ortz? Husband Reveals Wife’s Affair With Teenage Student

Cody Ortz Wiki

Cody Ortz is the husband of Olivia Lois Ortz. According to reports, a female schoolteacher named Olivia Lois Ortz who allegedly had an affair with a female student was exposed after her husband named Cody Ortz discovered damning messages on her iPad.

Olivia Lois Ortz, the choir director, was arrested in Pennsylvania on suspicion of having s*x with the 17-year-old.

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Olivia Lois Ortz is 26 years old and her husband Cody Ortz is around 27-30 years old.

Husband Reveals The News Of His Wife’s Secret Affair With Student

Her husband discovered their relationship after seeing indecent messages on his wife’s iPad.

According to court filings, he discovered the incriminating communications after returning home from a trip to Florida and informed the principal. The husband had previously worked for the school’s music department on a freelance basis.

According to the New York Post, Ortz was suspended on May 9 and a warrant for her arrest was issued on May 13.


Local media reports that she chose to sing in a local concert rather than bring herself in right away.

Investigators discovered more than 100 chats between her and the female student on Spotify’s chat feature. In the event that their relationship was discovered, the two supposedly devised a code phrase. The student told officers she would go to Ortz’s house while her husband was away and that they had s*x on several occasions. According to WTAE, the adolescent allegedly walked over to see Ortz after their relationship was discovered.

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Olivia Lois Ortz Instagram

No official Instagram ID was found. Will be uploaded to our website as soon as it is found. Olivia is currently unavailable on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook.

As a result, we assume the Hermitage Wilmington school that was detained is not on social media. Authorities interrogated the girl and her parents again after executing a search warrant. Despite the criminal charges, she allegedly told police that they are still in love and communicating.

Ortz, of Hermitage, was charged with se*ual contact with a student and other offenses. She was released on $150,000 bail and will appear in court on May 25.

This is Wilmington Area High School’s second scandal. Jonathan Priano, her predecessor as music director, is facing separate claims of se*ual assault with pupils.


He liked tickling the feet of female students, according to claims, and had inappropriately close ties with them.

Priano’s pretrial hearing was set for June, and he faces 10 counts of se*ual assault and two counts of unlawful contact with children.

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