Rashed Al Swaisat Rashed al-swaisat (19 years old) dies after being knocked out at the

Rashed Al-Swaisat (19 Years Old) Dies After Being Knocked Out At The

Rashed Al-Swaisat (19 Years Old) Dies After Being Knocked Out At The

Rashed Al Swaisat was a rising star in the boxing world. His sudden and tragic death has left the sports community shaken and grieving.

Who was Rashed Al Swaisat?

Rashed Al Swaisat was a 19-year-old boxer from Jordan. He had been competing in the sport since he was just six years old and quickly gained a reputation as a fierce contender.

Despite his young age, Rashed had already accomplished a lot in the boxing world. He had won numerous titles and was considered by many to be a rising star in the sport.

The Tragic Incident

On April 28th, 2021, Rashed was participating in a boxing match in Amman, Jordan. During the fight, he was knocked out by his opponent and fell unconscious.

He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage. Unfortunately, he did not survive the surgery and passed away.

The Boxing World Reacts

The news of Rashed’s death quickly spread throughout the boxing community, and many were left in shock and sadness. Numerous boxers, trainers, and fans shared their condolences and memories of Rashed on social media.

One of Rashed’s trainers, Adel Saber, described him as a “role model for young athletes” and a “true champion.”

Many in the community called for greater safety measures in boxing matches to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

Celebrating Rashed’s Life and Legacy

While Rashed’s death was certainly a tragedy, it’s important to remember the positive impact he had on the world during his short life.

Rashed was known for his determination, discipline, and sportsmanship in the ring. He inspired many people around the world, not just in Jordan, to take up the sport and chase their dreams with passion.

Many who knew Rashed have shared heartwarming stories about his kindness, generosity, and positive attitude.

Remembering Rashed

Several memorials have been created in honor of Rashed Al Swaisat since his passing.

In his home country of Jordan, the Jordan Olympic Committee held a three-day mourning period in his honor. They also announced plans to name one of the country’s new boxing facilities after him.

Additionally, several charitable organizations have been created to promote Rashed’s legacy of athleticism and sportsmanship.

The Future of Boxing Safety

Rashed’s death has sparked an important conversation about safety in boxing and other combat sports.

Many in the community are calling for stricter regulations and protocols to protect athletes from similar accidents.

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • Mandatory pre-fight brain scans and health checks for all boxers
  • Tighter rules around when a boxer can return to the ring after a concussion or other injury
  • Better education for coaches, trainers, and athletes around the signs and dangers of head injuries
  • More enforcement around illegal and dangerous boxing techniques, such as hitting behind the head

A Call to Action

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of injury in any sport, we must do everything we can to protect our athletes and prevent tragedies like Rashed’s death from happening in the future.

We owe it to Rashed, and to all the other athletes who have lost their lives or suffered serious injuries while participating in combat sports, to make safety our top priority.


Rashed Al Swaisat was a talented and beloved athlete who inspired countless people during his short life. His tragic death has left the boxing community reeling and calling for greater safety measures.

While we can’t bring Rashed back, we can honor his legacy by working to make combat sports safer for athletes around the world.


What was Rashed Al Swaisat’s record as a boxer?

Rashed Al Swaisat had a record of 2 wins and 1 loss at the time of his death.

How did Rashed Al Swaisat’s opponent react after the fight?

Rashed’s opponent, Mohannad Al Dadah, reportedly visited him at the hospital after the fight and expressed his condolences to Rashed’s family.

What are the most common injuries in boxing?

The most common injuries in boxing are head injuries, including concussions and brain hemorrhages. Boxers are also at risk for fractures, cuts, and bruises.

How common are boxing-related deaths?

Boxing-related deaths are relatively rare, with fewer than 10 per year reported worldwide. However, serious injuries are more common and can have life-altering consequences for athletes.

What can be done to improve safety in boxing?

To improve safety in boxing, experts recommend more stringent regulations around pre-fight health checks, better education around head injuries for trainers and athletes, and stricter enforcement of illegal boxing techniques. Some have also called for the introduction of new equipment, such as headgear that can detect signs of concussion.

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