Who was Remi Miguel Gomez Hernandez? Bio, Wiki, Age, Killed By Fire

Remi Miguel Gomez Hernandez Bio/Wiki

A 9-year-old boy named Remi Miguel Gomez Hernandez died and 11 others were injured in a fire in a Queens apartment building on Wednesday, according to police.

According to authorities, Remi Miguel Gomez Hernandez was discovered unconscious in a three-story private residence on 102nd Road near 81st Street in Ozone Park, where the fire started at 2 a.m.


He was 9 years old.

Remi Miguel Gomez Hernandez Was Killed By Fire Full Details

EMS pronounced him dead on the spot.

According to the FDNY, eleven other civilians and one firefighter received non-life-threatening injuries and were transferred to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

By 2:30 a.m., the fire had been turned out. A total of 12 FDNY units, including 60 men, were dispatched to the scene. The cause of the fire will be determined by the fire marshal.

Nine people were able to escape the building alive, but a tenth victim, 9-year-old Remi, was found dead in the basement. Just hours later, investigators were down in that location.

Neighbors informed Eyewitness News that the family had only moved in on Tuesday. They can’t believe what they’re hearing.

According to abc7ny.com, a neighbor said, “Thank God the firefighters got there quickly or else we were suffocating. A lot of smoke. That’s what happened. Sadly, a child lost his life,”

“It’s not easy. I thought that we were all going to die there.”

According to an FDNY deputy chief, they knew exactly where the fire started straight quickly. FDNY Deputy Chief Eugene Ditaranto said, “Really this is what we consider a cellar. The garage level is completely low-grade. So the fire originated in that low-grade area,”

According to abc7ny.com, Later Wednesday morning, FDNY Commissioner Dan Nigro announced the cause of the incident.

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Nigro said, “Fire marshals went in and have already discovered what caused this fire. And I’m always amazed when I get a call and they tell me in such short time what caused the fire. Why is that so important? Because in this case, what caused this fire this morning, charging a battery for an electric bike. This is the third death this year from that alone. We’ve had numerous fires, numerous injuries, property damage, all cause by charging these batteries on these bikes,”

The screams were heard by a nearby resident. The neighbor said, “So, we all ran down and I saw, like, there were a couple of guys, they were trying to break the garage door,”

“There’s no way you’re coming out,” abc7ny.com reported.

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