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Ric Hassani Reacts As NBC Bans His New Song, 'Thunder Fire You

Ric Hassani Reacts As NBC Bans His New Song, 'Thunder Fire You

It’s not every day that we see the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) banning a song, but that’s just what happened with Nigerian singer Ric Hassani’s latest release. The song, titled ‘Thunder Fire You,’ has stirred up controversy and led to a lot of debate about censorship and artistic expression. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ban, the song’s lyrics, and what it all means for the state of music in Nigeria.

The Ban on Ric Hassani’s ‘Thunder Fire You’: A Look at the Controversy

What Happened?

In early February 2021, the NBC announced that it had banned the song ‘Thunder Fire You’ by Ric Hassani. According to the commission, the song violates its rules on obscenity, vulgarity, and “promoting vices.” The commission also warned that any radio station or media outlet that plays the song could face sanctions.

The ban caught many people by surprise, as ‘Thunder Fire You’ had been released just a few days prior and had already become a popular hit. The song’s music video had garnered over 240,000 views on YouTube, and it was being played on radio stations and in clubs across the country.

Why Was the Song Banned?

The NBC’s decision to ban ‘Thunder Fire You’ was based on a few key factors. One of the main issues that the commission had with the song was its use of vulgar language. The title itself contains a profanity, and the song’s lyrics are filled with other crude and obscene words and phrases.

In addition to the language, the NBC also took issue with the song’s theme. In its statement announcing the ban, the commission said that the song “promotes violence” and “encourages vices.” Some have speculated that the ban may have been politically motivated, as the song’s lyrics contain several lines that could be interpreted as being critical of the government.

What Does This Mean for the State of Music in Nigeria?

The ban on ‘Thunder Fire You’ has sparked a heated debate about censorship and artistic expression in Nigeria. Some have argued that the ban sets a dangerous precedent and could lead to further restrictions on artists and their work.

Others have defended the NBC’s decision, arguing that it was necessary to maintain public morality and decency. They point out that Nigerian culture values respect and honor, and that the crude language and violent themes in ‘Thunder Fire You’ go against those values.

The Lyrics of Ric Hassani’s ‘Thunder Fire You’

What Do the Lyrics Mean?

The lyrics of ‘Thunder Fire You’ are somewhat cryptic and open to interpretation, but many listeners have speculated that the song is a breakup anthem. In the chorus, Hassani sings, “Thunder fire you for all the lies you told me,” suggesting that the song is about a failed relationship.

However, the lyrics go beyond just a typical breakup song. Throughout the track, Hassani uses vivid and sometimes violent imagery to describe his feelings. He sings about things like setting fire to his ex-partner’s house or throwing away their belongings. Some have argued that the song goes too far in its use of violent language and that it could be harmful to those who have experienced domestic violence or abuse.

The Song’s Legacy

Despite the controversy surrounding the ban, ‘Thunder Fire You’ has become a viral hit, with many fans praising Ric Hassani’s unique sound and emotive lyrics. The song has also sparked a lot of discussion about censorship and artistic freedom in Nigeria, with many calling for a more nuanced approach to regulating music and other forms of expression.

Only time will tell what the ultimate fate of ‘Thunder Fire You’ will be, but one thing is for sure: it has certainly made an impact on the Nigerian music scene and opened up important conversations about the role of art and censorship in society.


In conclusion, the banning of Ric Hassani’s ‘Thunder Fire You’ by the NBC has sparked a lot of debate and controversy in Nigeria. While some have defended the commission’s decision, others have criticized it as being overly restrictive and potentially harmful to artistic expression. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s clear that this song will go down in history as a bold and thought-provoking piece of music that challenges our assumptions about what’s acceptable in art and in society.


What Does ‘Thunder Fire You’ Mean?

‘Thunder Fire You’ is a profanity that’s commonly used in Nigerian slang to express anger or frustration. It’s similar in meaning to the English phrase “damn you.”

Who Is Ric Hassani?

Ric Hassani is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who is known for his unique blend of R&B, soul, and African pop music. He burst onto the scene in 2016 with his hit single “Gentleman,” and has been a rising star in the Nigerian music scene ever since.

What Is the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)?

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is a regulatory body in Nigeria that oversees the country’s broadcasting industry. Its responsibilities include issuing licenses to radio and television stations, setting standards for programming, and enforcing rules around content and advertising.

Why Do Bans on Music Happen?

Bans on music can happen for a variety of reasons, from concerns about obscenity and vulgarity to political censorship and repression. In some cases, bans on music can be a form of government control or suppression of dissent. In other cases, they may be an attempt to maintain public morality and decency.

What Is the Impact of Bans on Music?

The impact of bans on music can vary depending on the context and the specific circumstances. In some cases, bans can lead to increased attention and publicity for a song or artist. In other cases, they can have a chilling effect on artistic expression and lead to self-censorship or a reluctance to take risks. Overall, bans on music are seen by many as a threat to artistic freedom and a violation of human rights.

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