Barbara Vidovich (Richard Trumka Wife) Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Richard Trumka Death Cause

Who is Barbara Vidovich?

Barbara Vidovich is the wife of Richard Trumka.

Richard Trumka, the strong AFL-longtime CIO’s leader and a close supporter of Democratic Party officials, has died.

In remarks to White House reporters on Thursday, President Biden referred to Trumka as a “very close” friend. Trumka died, he said, while on a camping trip with his family.


Richard Trumka was 72 years old and his wife Barbara Vidovich is around 63-65 years old.


The couple has 1 son named Richard Jr.

Richard Jr. is a 2006 Cornell University School of Industrial Relations graduate and a 2009 Georgetown University Law School graduate.

Barbara Vidovich And Richard Trumka

Barbara Vidovich and Trumka Vidovich had been married for over 40 years. In 1982, Trumka married Barbara.

Barbara’s father is a coal miner, but she has no idea what she does for a living.

According to The New York Times, the couple married in a private ceremony on November 28. “A clergyman said he had been told there had been a threat on Mr. Trumka’s life,” the Times piece stated, adding context to Trumka’s situation.

At the time, Trumka had just been elected president of the United Mine Workers.

How Did Richard Trumka Die?

Trumka died after an apparent heart attack on August 5, 2021.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Trumka’s death on the Senate floor, saying he died of an apparent heart attack.

Schumer said, “It’s just horrible news,”

“We have just lost a giant. And we need him so. We will remember him forever. And his memory will, I know, importune us to do even more for working people.”

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Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia expressed his “heartbreak” and characterized Trumka as a “close friend.”

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