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Please don’t do TikTok ‘hack’ and put garlic cloves up your nose

Please Don’t Do TikTok ‘hack’ And Put Garlic Cloves Up Your Nose

Are you struggling with allergies or sinusitis and looking for natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms? If yes, you must have heard about the latest trend all over TikTok and social media about Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack. Garlic is widely known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, but can inserting garlic cloves into your nostrils be beneficial, or is it just another crazy trend? Let’s explore the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack and see whether it’s worth trying or not.

What is Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack?

Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack is a new trend on TikTok that involves inserting a garlic clove into the nostril to alleviate sinusitis and allergy symptoms. The trend started when a TikTok user named Rozaline Katherine posted a video demonstrating how to use a garlic clove for nasal congestion. The video garnered millions of views, and since then, the trend has exploded.

How does it work?

According to the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack supporters, inserting a garlic clove in the nose reduces inflammation, cures bacterial infections, and opens up blocked airways. When the garlic comes in contact with the nasal tissues, it releases allicin, a compound that has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Garlic also contains sulfur compounds that can boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

How to do it?

The process is simple and straightforward. Take a clove of garlic and peel off the skin, leaving a small section attached. Then, gently insert the garlic clove into one nostril and press it into the nasal passage. Let it remain in the nostril for 5-10 minutes, and then remove it before repeating the process with the other nostril. The whole process can be done once or twice a day or until the symptoms subside.

Is it Safe or Risky?

The Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack may sound like a quick fix for nasal congestion and sinusitis, but it’s not that simple. Before trying this trend, you should know that there are some risks involved.

Nasal Tissue Damage

Inserting foreign objects like garlic cloves into the nasal passages can lead to nasal tissue damage and inflammation. Garlic can be an irritant and cause a burning sensation in the nose, leading to prolonged inflammation and pain. Some people may also experience a headache, dizziness, and sinus pressure.

Bacterial Infection

Garlic has a natural antiviral and antibacterial property, but inserting a garlic clove into the nose can lead to bacterial infection. The bacteria can spread to other areas of the nose and cause inflammation and infection in the sinuses. This can lead to severe sinusitis, which may require antibiotic treatment.

Allergic Reaction

Some people may be allergic to garlic and experience an allergic reaction when they insert it into the nose. Allergic reactions can vary from mild to severe and can result in itching, swelling, rashes, and difficulty breathing. If you notice any sudden symptoms after trying the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack, contact your doctor immediately.


Although the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack may sound like a quick and easy solution to nasal congestion and sinusitis, it is not recommended. The risks of inserting garlic cloves into the nose outweigh any potential benefits. If you’re experiencing nasal congestion and allergy symptoms, there are several safe and effective natural remedies available, such as steaming, drinking warm fluids, and using saline solutions. Always consult with your doctor before trying any new remedies.


1. Can I use garlic for nasal congestion?

Yes, garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help alleviate nasal congestion and sinusitis. However, it is not recommended to insert garlic cloves into the nose.

2. Is the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack safe?

No, the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack is not safe. Inserting garlic cloves into the nose can lead to nasal tissue damage, bacterial infection, and allergic reactions.

3. What are some natural remedies for nasal congestion?

Some natural remedies for nasal congestion and sinusitis include steaming, drinking warm fluids, using saline solutions, using a humidifier, and avoiding triggers like smoke and allergens.

4. Can garlic worsen nasal congestion?

Yes, garlic can worsen nasal congestion in some people, particularly those who are allergic to it or have sensitive nasal tissues.

5. Should I consult with my doctor before trying the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack?

Yes, always consult with your doctor before trying any new remedies, including the Rozaline Katherine Garlic Hack. Your doctor can guide you about other safe and effective treatments for nasal congestion and sinusitis.

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