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Stephen Harmon Bio/Wiki

After a month-long fight with the coronavirus during which he posted jokes about the COVID-19 vaccine, a 34-year-old Hillsong church member named Stephen Harmon and Hillsong College alumnus died on Wednesday.

After a moxie-filled tweet in June, Stephen Harmon lost his battle on July 21. He said, “IF YOU’RE HAVING EMAIL PROBLEMS, I FEEL BAD FOR YOU, SON. I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT A VAX AIN’T ONE!”


He was 34 years old.

Stephen Harmon Dies Of Covid-19

The 34-year-old riffed on Jay-chorus Z’s hook from the 2004 hit “99 Problems” in his tweet.

Harmon was characterized as being in his early thirties, a Hillsong College graduate, and a devout member of the Hillsong congregation in California. Brian Houston, the president of Hillsong Church, broke the news on Instagram, said, “He was one of the most generous people I know and he had so much in front of him,”

Harmon didn’t seem to take the pandemic seriously before he died. On May 25, he produced a meme that featured Drake and Dr. Anthony Fauci side by side.

He claimed to have more faith in his religion than mortals like Fauci, who were urging people to follow rigorous guidelines to prevent the disease from spreading. He wrote, “When you can’t trust the Bible cause it was written by man, but you trust the CDC/Fauci guidelines cause they were written by man,”

“Makes total sense.”

The effects of Covid-19 on Harmon’s immune system the next day, however, humbled him. nt the disease’s progress. Harmon made a public request for prayers on July 18.

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He wrote on a Twitter post, “If my oxygen crashes again they will have to intubate me or I risk significant brain damage from going unconscious and it’s possible i may not come back,”

“I’ve seen the miraculous before but I need [a] miracle to happen, now!”

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