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Teresa Sperry Bio/Wiki

According to her family, a child in Virginia named Teresa Sperry died of COVID-19 issues after she was probably exposed to the virus while performing her duties as the “class nurse” at school.

Teresa Sperry, a fifth-grader at Hillpoint Elementary School, had been charged by her teacher with accompanying her sick classmates to the school nurse before she became unwell herself, CNN reported.


She was 10 years old.

Teresa Sperry Death Cause

Jeff Sperry, her father, told the publication, “One of the things she told us before she got sick, was that her job was to be the ‘class nurse’ to take the sick kids from the class to the nurse’s office,”

“And you have to understand my daughter, this is who she is, helping people is my daughter, it’s not something that she wouldn’t have wanted to do.”

Teresa’s parents, Nicole and Jeff Sperry told several media sources that she first became ill on Sept. 22.

Their daughter had indicated the week before that she was in charge of guiding any classmates who were not feeling well out of the classroom.

She stopped breathing within a day and was taken to a local hospital before being moved to The King’s Daughters Children’s Hospital, where she died.

Her family was informed after her death that she had tested positive for the virus.

Her mother expressed herself on Facebook, “We did everything we could have done and now we’ve lost a part of our hearts,”

“Covid is real and it doesn’t care who it takes.”

According to the Virginian Pilot, Suffolk Public Schools spokesperson Anthonette Ward said they’re working with health officials to contact trace in Teresa’s classroom.

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Ward responded to the parents’ assertions that Teresa was forced to be the “class nurse,” saying that would have been a breach of the school’s procedure, which the district is looking into.

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