Who is Timothy Kahl? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Trying To Run Over Cops Full Details

Timothy Kahl Bio/Wiki

After he rammed a car into a local police station, a Maryland man named Timothy Kahl was arrested and charged.

On Sunday evening, 24 May, Timothy Kahl went on a violent rampage. Before he crashed into the hall at the Havre de Grace police station, he started to drive his car near his home erratically.


He is 24 years old.

Trying To Run Over Cops (Arrested And Charges) Full Details

Although none were wounded, the police still accused Kahl of two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree attack, reckless threats of extinction, and three counts of malicious destruction of property worth more than $1000.

Kahl destroyed several houses and cars of his neighbor before the station. Why Kahl committed the violence is not clear and the police investigate the incident. It is uncertain. Here is what we hear about Kahl in the meantime.

Kahl then went to the Police Department Havre de Grace where he struck another car parked before he purposefully drove his vehicle through the police headquarters’ gate. Police said, “He exited his vehicle and as he came back out of the front doors he tried to attack officers,”

Officers reported that Kahl could go to the Harford Memorial Hospital for care and arrest him before he was taken. What wounds Kahl may have endured during the incident is unknown.

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The building of the Police department has been badly damaged but the attack has not wounded officials or employees.

Authorities state that Kahl is now subject to multiple charges, but he did not detail the situation.

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