Who is Tuhonsty Marie Smith? Bio, Wiki, Age, Accused Of Setting Her Husband On Fire Full Details

Tuhonsty Smith Bio/Wiki

Tuhonsty Marie Smith confessed to setting fire to her sleeping husband. Arson, recklessly endangering safety, and causing mayhem were all allegations leveled against the Milwaukee woman. According to authorities, she committed the crime because she thought her spouse was attempting to poison her chicken wings.

Smith admitted to authorities that he had meticulously planned the attack. She explained that she had waited for her husband to fall asleep before going to bed. At their house in the Enderis Park neighborhood, she then set fire to his skull.

The incident occurred on June 2, and Smith had accused her husband of plotting to kill her by poisoning her earlier that day.


She is 29 years old.

Accused Of Setting Her Husband On Fire Full Details

The victim left work around 2:30 p.m. on June 2 and informed authorities he proceeded home to his home at Center Street and Carlton Place, where he lives with Smith. He claimed Smith was “pacing around the house” and wouldn’t talk to him.

The victim later told authorities that he and Smith had a verbal altercation because he told her he was moving out without her. Smith’s “weird” conduct allegedly escalated after he told her he planned to leave her, according to the victim.


The victim informed investigators he had been in a relationship with Tuhonsty Smith for more than eight years, according to the criminal complaint. For the past three to four months, the victim has felt like he’s been walking on eggshells and has noticed Smith acting suspiciously, according to the victim.

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Officials were informed by him. Smith sprayed paint in the basement, but she had no idea if she was huffing it or what she was doing. Smith’s medicine bottles were also found in the basement, and it appeared that she was taking more than was recommended.

Investigators believe Smith set the victim on fire after he went to bed that night. All over his upper body, including his chest, head, ears, hands, neck, and face, he received second and third-degree burns.

Smith told investigators she started eating chicken wings the day of the fire and suspected her husband poisoned them, according to the criminal complaint. Smith claims she waited until he was asleep before pouring lighter fluid into a cup and going to where he was sleeping.

Smith claimed that she put the liquid on his head and lit it with a lighter. Smith is said to have indicated that she was not attempting to murder the victim.


Smith was apprehended and told officers she was having mental health concerns and that her mind was racing.

She allegedly admitted to using prescription medicines at 2 a.m. for mental health difficulties and then setting fire to her husband’s head.

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