Who is Victorya Venise? Wiki, Age, Woman Give Birth Baby On Hotel Toilet

Victorya Venise Wiki

Last week, a mother named Victoya Venise on a business trip in Georgia gave birth to her son suddenly while sitting on the toilet in her hotel restroom, according to cops.

According to Irvine Police, the surprise birth came as Victoya Venise, of Louisiana, believed she was afflicted with the same stomach illness that was afflicting her 4-year-old daughter.


She is around 28-30 years old.

Woman Birth Baby On Hotel Toilet Full Details

The expectant woman went to the bathroom at a hotel in the Atlanta region because she was having stomach aches and quickly realized she wasn’t sick, but rather in labor.

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She told WXIA-TV, an NBC affiliate, “I turned around, and it was the baby, and I was like ‘gasp.’ I hurried up, and I grabbed him out of the toilet,”

Venise stated she was in the bathroom when she gave birth.

After everything happened, she called her mother and emergency services and was transferred to Northside Hospital, which was only a few minutes away from where she was living.

When Venise’s doctors learned of her pregnancy, they were as startled as she was. She said, “They actually thought my due date was May 15 because I was so small. So that was kind of the conflict with them. They thought I was not as far as long,”

Venise is a social media manager and graphic designer. She was finishing off a few projects while Rocky Andrew, her newborn brother, was spending his first day with his sister.

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Venise’s new baby was safely tucked behind her.

When her present projects are completed, the mother stated that she intends to take some time off. She also intends to return to Atlanta in order to be closer to her mother.

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