Who was William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr.? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot And Killed

William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr. Bio/Wiki

Officials reported one student named William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr. was murdered in a shooting at Mount Tabor High School in Forsyth County on Wednesday afternoon.

The shooting suspect was apprehended without incident hours later, according to the sheriff’s office.

The suspect was also believed to be a student, although officials did not provide any other information at this time. All other pupils, according to Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Christina Howell, are safe.

At a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, Winston-Salem Police Chief Catrina Thompson stated that a student had been shot and taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries. Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. of Forsyth County, who arrived at the school with deputies and cops on the initial call, identified the victim as William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr. but did not know his age.


His age is currently unknown.

Who Shot William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr.?

Officials said the suspect, who is thought to be a fellow high school student, was apprehended Wednesday evening after an hours-long search.

The victim’s family received condolences from the police department, which wrote, “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family today and in the difficult days to come.”

At a press conference, Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough said, “I don’t know the grief of losing a child. I don’t even know how to fathom,”

Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina issued a statement condemning the shooting. Cooper said, “For the second time this week, we have seen a shooting in a North Carolina school,”

“I have been briefed by law enforcement and the Department of Public Safety is ready to provide any support necessary. We must work to ensure the safety of students and educators, quickly apprehend the shooter and keep guns off school grounds.”

The Associated Press reported that a parent of one of the high school students said his son heard the gunfire while in the gym and that kids were urged to hide. Christopher Johnson told the AP, “You see stuff like this in the media,”

“It’s scary to know that it actually reached out and touched you this time. My son’s not a victim, but he’s part of this and he’ll probably remember this forever.”

No additional children were physically wounded, although one student had a seizure as the situation unfolded, according to Winston-Salem Police Chief Catrina Thompson, who was distraught throughout Wednesday’s press conference.

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